Post Wed Jul 15, 2009 6:11 pm

TV Connections

1. Joseph Turkel (turell)showed up on a miami vice episode entitled "indian wars"from the 4th season, playing a big king pin,..Edward james olmos' "castillo" goes under cover as one of the bad guys and they are seen in the same frame for a momment discussing business and i just thought how br fans must've felt when this wasn't too long after the original theactrical release of blade runner... They didn't even appear together in the same shot in br so this was a sure treat :!:

2.mike and sam on that show las vegas talk of their love for blade runner in one of the episodes ,don't know which one it was exactly.

8) can you think of any other shows that mention br in any way ,shape, or form? or maybe they did without realizing it.
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