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Various questions from a newcomer

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Various questions from a newcomer

Hi there, I'm new to the forum. The first years after the game came out, I've played it many times, without the help of any walkthroughs or forums, but my memories about that are pretty blurry at times. A few years ago, I lent the game to a former classmate, but I haven't heard about him (or my copy) ever since. But recently, I bought another copy second-hand, and have been playing it again. This time, I have been matching my experiences with the various walkthroughs and forum discussions as well. I've read most of the topics in this forum, but still have 2 questions that bother me.

First thing I always wondered is whether McCoy is a human or rep. I know you can finish the game either as blade runner or rep sympathiser, but in none of both versions you get final proof whether or not you are a rep. As far as I know, you always live if you get stuck by the scorpions in Animoid Row, so that would indicate that McCoy is always a rep. But why does Clovis leave behind a seemingly "modified" picture where you figure at the moonbus, assuming the moonbus reflection indicates someone messed with the picture. Even more, I recall having seen a photo in my early playthroughs where the moonbus reflection didn't appear. At that time, I didn't know the game was entirely random, but thought there were 3 different stories depending on the difficulty setting. And this presumption was based on 2 facts, notably 2 clear differences between my easy and hard game at the time : the moonbus picture (with or without moonbus reflection) and the picture from Izo (with either Deckard or Dektora). That's why I can't imagine my memory is playing games with me on this one. But nobody else here seems to talk about the moonbus picture without reflection, am I really the only one who saw it ? Or is my memory playing games with me after all ?

Second question is about the Deckard - Holden side story. Is this only brought in as a distraction and to tie the game to the movie, or can it influence the game's ending in any way ? I can't seem to find any more clues from the hotel room (badge + scale) or from the guy who rented it. After showing the snake scale to the fish lady, she advises me to talk to Hassan, but he's no longer there at this stage of the game. Is this a dead-end or what ?
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Hello Horoma and welcome! :)

To answer your questions :

1. I think it was intentional not to provide "ultimate" proof on whetrher Ray is human or replicant. Just like in the movie we have no definite proof whether Deckard is human or rep. Like Hampton Fancher says "The question is interesting, the answer is stupid." I always discover the reflection on Moonbus photograph. Nobody exactly knows how the game generates who will be rep and who will be human, or how you discovery of the clues influence each other, how your killing of a human moves youon the human-rep scale... We had much discssion about this since the game came out, but we have no clear insight from thge original dews into internal game mechanics.
Indeed no character talks about the reflection. I think it's only a neat hint meant for the player only to wonder. I think the developers really wanted to make your own conclusions from it, without being influenced by opinions of the game characters.

2. References to Deckard and Holden are really just side-references to the film, to have feeling you exist in the same world and your story is happennning at the same time as events in the movie. Those clues lead nowhere, so yes, they are dead-end clues, still they serve as funny and interesting references to the movie.

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