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Bladerunner sequel ?



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Imagine if Deckard and his Mrs had babies.... a new breed of humans? An instant thought occured.... superior beings taking over the world.... I have seem some other movie like that somewhere... I think, maybe not. Might have been on Dr Who. Anyways..... Conflict (just like the Indians taking over Fiji governmnt positions with the Fijians continuously forming military coups to take back their country)...... you know what I am saying... but add spice like some big bad hero of a humanxreplicants who wants to wage war on the frail humans but of course never wins. I hate open ended movies, just leaves me horny with no relief..... errr climax I mean, not horny.... I mean the movie has a climax and..... anyways maybe in the end the crossbreeds decide in the end to move to Mars or something, which by tis stage has become truly livable not like back when Deckard was alive which was populated but in special buildings that protected the humans from the elements of Mars' surface.

This could lead to a variation of the film "War of the Worlds"..... with a decent ending and not from microscopic bugs but from Mars being vaporised and the solar system going into a funny wobble and kicks the Earth out of its orbit and the Earth traverses the dark depths of space to be caught by gravity field of a very big solar system some several light years away which it too has aliens and it starts again....




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i was just going to respond to this thread yesterday about sequels, but i decided to leave it alone....but here i am.

found this from james cameron on terminator 3 and future terminator sequels.

"Basically because I had told the story. To make Terminator 3 was to make a 3." - [about his reason to decline Terminator 3]

"The only compelling reason for me to have done that film was a sense of pride of authorship. "Well, dammit, I did the first one and I did the second one and it's my creation and I should do the third one." But ultimately, that's a stupid reason to spend a year, year and a half of your life in hell to make a big movie. I'd rather spend a year of my life in hell to make something new, which is what I will be doing." - [about his reason to decline Terminator 3] "

i dont know, but the blade runner story seems complete...unless you want to go with jetter's story about deckard and rachel's life after they escape.
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The BRmovie I guess is just one of those movies that is best left alone.

Even if there was a prequel, sequel or remake it most likely either flop also or be considered box-office worthy because of the curiousity of seeing it and comparing to the original. So far it seems that BR was one of the few movies out of thousands out there that was to a lot of ppl considered a good movie at second, third and fourth glance. The proposed remake, sequel, prequel will most likely be forgotten first hand and won't have a great following like the original BR has.

Usually remakes tend to suck esp if the original was praised and even in some cases if a movie was truly bad remaking may not help.

Though I was wondering if fan-fiction films or spin-offs are legal to make? I know very little about actually filming and copyright regarding script references, scores etc. Some ppl say that you may need permission to even use simlilar songs and such.


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Strictly speaking, a remake as film would be a bad idea from the perspective of the story...unless it was really, really cleverly written.

There are so many holes in the story that the movie tells that it begs to be answered in a sequel.

The holes were big enough for Westwood to patch in an entire story for their game.

Since BR barely resembles DADoES? it is clear that the original story be resurrected and told FOR THE FIRST TIME. Sequel(s) could then evolve from the original tale as they were needed.

PKD themes would need to be retained and addressed:

-Social controls
-Paranoia over any of the above

Tinkering with any of these facets of PKD Reality and you change 'what is' in the story.

I am tempted to post my story ideas just to see if anyone will use or even understand them.

The first problem begins with a simple decision...whether or not to make Deckard a replicant...

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My opinion is about Blade Runner Sequel is"just say
no",but i think sometimes,if Ridley starts a sequel,we
Know that Harrison Ford,hates the movie,so,maybe the
Plot about a so called"Blade Runner 2" can(or cant) be:

Sean Young and Morgan Paull could appear again,i think
the landscape now, can be some Green countryside(maybe
the right choice),where Rachel is been hidding(correct
me if i wrote it wrong).Other point is about some
technological gadgets such the Brain Implants machine
and or"setting up the memories devices when a new rep is
created" can be shown.So,Holden was healed,and he is a
new boss in LA Police Station,the first part of the film
shows Holden in once more tuff Blade Runner Mission in
LA(aka hong kong)streets,He believes in LAPD version
that Gaff was vanish during an Off World secret
mission,killed by some Replicant, But in
true,police(Bryant)knew it about his real,confession and
cooperation and he was secretly"retired",because he was
found helping Deckard to scape.Holden reads the
"Old-made by Bryiant s" version briefing about Gaff s
Death,Suddenly he receives a call from The Real Eldon
Tyrell(joe Turkel again),that he scaped from his
assasination-attempt and he tells holden about the town
that Rachel can still living,he says to bring back
Rachel alive,because she is a important Nexus6
model.Holden agrees with Tyrell,and Re-opens the
investigation.When the old Blade Runner arrives near the
countryside,he starts the search the couple,but with
difficult,because some people in the small town are
humans that are secretly rep-and-illegal off world
immigration defenders,or simply they are affraid by
local police,the artificial animals or"artificial
sheeps"can be shown.The"Movie"Introduces the not-so new
character,Inspector Garland.or Sheriff Garland,the Small
Town Sheriff,that belongs to animoid commerce mafia in
town,made by humans,some farmers and police,they sell
the animoids like Real ones illegaly,Garland tells to
LAPD,that,he did a(fake VK s)some suspects,because he is
worried about reps presence inside his town,he shows to
Holden,a suspect s list telling that the wanted people
are replicants,in fact they are Sheriff s personal
enemies,number one:The Farmer-Big Boss of illegal
animoid s business,Number two:his declarated enemy and
Garland s bodyguard,a former policeman Phil Resch,Number
3:a pro reps activist that is married with
Rachel,because Deckard is Dead,because his lifespan
years is over.When Holden pursues the pro rep guy at his
farm in the rain he misses the shot, He finally sees Rachell and she is yelling to not Kill the Guy(can call him Mike,i dont know) because he is a real Human,and she begs in front of Holden.After
that,she gives to Him a Real Deal top classified police
s dossier,made by Bryant and Tyrell corporation,that
Gaff had stolen to Departament,and gave it to Deckard
and computer archives with images about Deck s old
memories and views,that Holden, sees it in a kind of a
VR computer helmet(empathy box-like gadget),Dossier
shows that Deck himself is the old Nexus experimental
Replicant and his past life was false,and the Police
Department use him as a Blade Runner,but it was top
secret,Gaff knew about that and he was silenced,and the
activist guy shows to the Br,that animals are artificial
and skin-barcoded,and the Sheriff is a gangster.The
Sheriff follows the Br and see that he is not killing
the suspect,after,he brings his goodfellas in arms,to
chase them,another shootout,Rachel s new husband
dies,and Holden trying to save him shots the Sheriff and
his partners.After that Rachel and Holden scape togheter
using one of that"Sedan-like car,they find a off-world
illegal Shuttle landing zone with Refugges and movie
ends.notes:The Small town weather:winter,cold and rainy,to
make movie so dark as the first.
note2:sorry about my engrish.Note3,maybe or probably,
the illegal landing zone can use a cgi fake
space-aircraft or a miniatured one,or if it
low-bugdet-style, only a dirty and old airport
facilities can make it more reallistic.


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Post Mon Mar 10, 2008 12:11 am

A few `other realities to remember:

-25 years have gone by. This is not negotiable with the cast and original characters.

-Dead characters would not reasonably return...certainly not as portrayed by the original cast.

-Harrison Ford as Deckard is out. Replicants don't last that long, and even if they did, it would be decades later in the story.

-There isn't much left of the story. With most of the characters dead, a really careful examination of the story is the only way to dredge something up...the sequel novels just don't do it.

Since DADoES is kind of an adaptation of RUR, it seems a good idea to reconstitute it in the BR story line.

If I were to approach this idea; I would start by deciding whether or not Deckard is a Replicant...new day, new opinion. ;) Remember the Holden Postulate.

To keep continuity, Deckard should stay something of a mystery. Both Rachael and Deckard, should be missing from the story and it should pick up within a couple years of BR.

The surviving list of characters:
Taffey Lewis

The surviving list of actors:
Sean Young
Harrison Ford
James Hong
Joanna Cassidy
E J Olmos
M E Walsh
R Hauer
Joe Turkel
Morgan Paull

Not much of a result there to continue a story since so much time has passed.

So who is left with someone to play the parts??

The result is that any story would have to revolve around the surviving humans and new Replicants.

Here is something that would work:

The real version of Rachael returns to Earth to manage her uncle's affairs and run Tyrell Corp.

This could work as a beginning and reuse Sean Young (the real Rachael or whatever her name is)

Another actor (Paull?) could serve as the "real" Deckard who, for whatever reason is also on Earth.

The bulk of the story would result from filling the holes in plot and presentation.

Questions for the story to answer:

-What are Replicants really?
-Why are they really illegal on Earth?
-What caused the disaster that killed off all the animals?
-Are the characters really even on Earth??
-What were all the wars about?
-How far are the colonies?
-If Tyrell makes the only Replicant soldiers from Earth, where do their enemies come from??
-Does the enemy army have Replicants too??
-Who makes the enemy Replicants?
-Who are Tyrell's competitors?
-If Replicants are genetically manufactured, why can't real animals be created?

I'm sure you could think of many more.

This is the basis for a serious sequel.

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