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Perhaps the Unicorn points to Rachael?



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Post Wed May 20, 2009 8:11 am

Perhaps the Unicorn points to Rachael?

Deckard read her file, knew what was in her head and he was quite clearly developing strong feelings for her. That sort of thing can affect your dreams.

Perhaps the unicorn outside of Deckards appartment was intended for Rachael? After all Gaff knew she was in there..

It seems to me that all the replicants have at least a hint of the uncanny valley about them. Not much, but it's there. Deckard lacks that quality. I suppose you could argue that he might be a more realistic and sophisticated, but physically weaker Nexus 7 model. But why try too all that trouble to explain something that is so uncertain?

I used to be more biased towards the idea of him being a replicant, but the more I think about it, the more it seems to cheapen the whole story.

Ridley Scott should have kept his mouth shut and left it as one of those mysteries.

I can quite happily cope with the idea that he 'might' be a rep himself, and it's also cool that it appears as though he's doubting his own humanity. But paranoia and self doubt often paint a very different picture than what is real. That's the thing, I can live quite happily without knowing for sure. Not every question needs an answer.

Give me a happy ending where it's revealed that Rachael has no built-in fail self, Deckard is a human, and they at least have a small shot at getting away and being happy together. This world is already dark enough as it is, and it isn't even 2019 yet. I just want some hope dammit, even just a glimmer. Is it wrong to want that so much in my movies?
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Post Wed May 20, 2009 9:13 am

I agree with you Feyhra. :)

The script was constantly being rewritten. The "Deck-a-Rep" was an after thought.

Unicorn ...good point. Both had access to her file. And, the "daydream" of the unicorn Deckard had at the piano, was just that. A daydream...a visualization, whilst thinking about Rachael. Rachael + photo of her with mother + Leon and his "precious" photos + photos: a way of creating memories + recalling the contents of Rachael's file = abstract thoughts.

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