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What about Tyrell?



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Rachel wrote:In the other hand, creating this kind of machines, Tyrell reproduces unfair situations that humans lived before the andro?ds as being like a slave. And, if he can't control them correctly, it means that he created more than machines, that's why what he made is not good, attacking the needs of machines the same way as for humans. It could have been good if the machines had true limits of machines.

The problem with the development of those machines is that he created emotions. Because of emotions, a replicant can lose control and do something very rash based on feeling. The solution to that was giving them memories because they can manipulate the replicant's thinking ability...for example, Rachel, who was not conscious that she was a machine.

However, you have replicants like Roy and company are developing their own memories because they don't have the implants. Because of the lack of implants, they are conscious of who they are and as a result, they'll do anything possible to preserve their life span.

Either way, humans shouldn't make fake humans. We have enough problems with the real ones. :lol:


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Eccentricbeing wrote:
Either way, humans shouldn't make fake humans. We have enough problems with the real ones.

Yes, the movie talks about this risk in our true life. We already see that some humans want places of superiors and would like us to behave as fake humans, treating us as objects of consumption, whereas our nature is the opposite and ruled by emotions.

When Tyrell says about Rachel that "she's just an experiment", it raises all the problem of this tricky situation, because, on the contrary, she doesn't look superficial and rather inspires the respect. Maybe he wants to provoke a reaction of Deckard about it, it's the same when he says that more questions are necessary to spot her replicant nature, or, on the contrary, maybe he wants to unmotivate his curiosity, protecting his creation. I don't know. He seems rather proud of him and I think he wants people to be shocked and say: "God, it looks more than just a machine, you're a genius".

There's an ironical French film about a relationship of a man with a dummy called "Monique", with the actor Albert Dupontel. Video extract: http://www.allocine.fr/film/fichefilm_g ... 43242.html

Have you seen the video of Billy Idol "Shock to the system" where he's andro?d?: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2ky6d ... stem_music

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