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Official PKD Web Site Now Online - New BR Letter from PKD


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Official PKD Web Site Now Online - New BR Letter from PKD

Blade Runner friends,

The Philip K. Dick Trust has posted an exclusive letter about Blade Runner from the author's archives on www.philipkdick.com the new official web site of Philip K. Dick. PKD shares his enthusiasm for Blade Runner with the film's producers after seeing a TV segment on the upcoming movie. It was written before the movie was released and just a few months before his own death in 1982. Go to www.philipkdick.com (click on Exclusive Content -> Letters) to see this letter to Jeff Walker of the Ladd Company. To the best of his family's knowledge, it has never been seen before.

There are also Blade Runner concept sketches given to PKD by the movie studio (non-exlusive to PKD). There are only two online now but there are almost 30 in Phil's personal archives that we plan to make available in the months ahead. Here's a press release about the official Philip K. Dick web site. Please forward to anyone who may be interested.

Jason Koornick

November 28, 2003 - For Immediate Release

Famed Science Fiction Author Philip K. Dick Gets ?Official? at www.PhilipKDick.com Rare And Unpublished Materials Revealed For The First Time

The Philip K. Dick Trust is pleased to announce the launch of www.PhilipKDick.com the official web site dedicated to the work, life and vision of the prolific science fiction author, whose stories became the films ?Blade Runner?, ?Total Recall?, ?Minority Report? and the upcoming ?Paycheck?, directed by John Woo and staring Ben Affleck. A cover story in the December issue of Wired Magazine highlights Philip K. Dick's contributions to film, literature and popular culture.

His three children, Laura, Isa and Christopher make up the Philip K. Dick Trust. In celebration of the launch, they are making available online previously unpublished writings and other content from Mr. Dick's voluminous archives. This includes illuminating letters, family photographs, ?Blade Runner? concept sketches given to Dick by the movie studio, an unwritten book proposal, rare interviews, and pages from the Exegesis - the holy grail of Philip K. Dick musings which has only been published in excerpts.

?Since our father's passing over 20 years ago, we have taken seriously the job of stewards of his works,? says Isa Dick-Hackett. ?Our primary concern has been to maintain the integrity of his work today, and for posterity. It is in this spirit, and motivated by the enthusiasm for our father's work, that we bring new and exciting material to Philip K Dick fans through this official site.?

PhilipKDick.com will serve as the official Web presence of the PKD Trust, connecting thousands of fans around the world with information about the author and with each other. The web site will report on the latest media developments related to the author and his work such as publishing, film and other news. New content will regularly be added. (Jason Koornick, previous owner of the site, is now building his fan site at PhilipKDickFans.com. He will also work with the Philip K. Dick Trust to maintain the new official site.)

A cover story in the December 2003 issue of Wired Magazine pays tribute to the author's bold vision: ?At a time when most 20th-century science fiction writers seem hopelessly dated, Dick gives us a vision of the future that captures the feel of our time.?

From his first short story in 1952 to his final works in 1982, Dick used the techniques and ideas of science fiction to explore psychology, religion, politics, and technology with compassion and humor. Today, nearly all of his prodigious output of short stories and novels is in print both in the United States and in dozens of foreign countries.

For more information about Philip K. Dick and the Official PKD Web site, contact Isa Dick-Hackett at philipkdick@comcast.net or Russell Galen of the Scovil Chichak Galen Agency at russellgalen@scglit.com .

Read the press release online at http://www.philipkdick.com/media_pr-031128.html


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Many thanks for this intel!
MR. PHILIP K. DICK is an SF author whose work I enjoy very much, despite not yet having worked through even 1/4 of his published canon.
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Apologies for the delay in noticing this post but this is an excellent site and we should all get behind it (imho).
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