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Giamatti Mulls PKD Biopic

Dueling Dicks

Two biopics of sci-fi author in the works.
by Stax

August 8, 2006 - Hollywood's fascination with Dick continues. The late, great science-fiction author Philip K. Dick, that is. After using his stories as the basis for such films as Blade Runner, Total Recall, Paycheck, Minority Report and the 2007 release Next, Hollywood is now turning its attention to the man itself for no less than two planned biopics.

It was recently reported that Bill Pullman would play Dick in director Matthew Wilder's low-budget indie Panasonic, which is currently in pre-production. "The lines between reality and perception blur in this comic journey into the life and mind (literally!) of one of sci-fi's most brilliant authors," according to "Paranoid conspiracies of the highest order, drug-fueled interdimensional shifts, and 1970's pop culture combine for the mind-bending adventure of the century."

Not to be outdone, today's Variety reports that Oscar nominee Paul Giamatti will portray Dick in an officially sanctioned (and currently untitled) biopic, to be produced by the Dick estate's Electric Shepherd Prods.

The project will also be produced by Anonymous Content and Giamatti's Touchy Feely Films banner. Tony Grisoni (Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas) will write the script.

Variety claims, "The nontraditional biopic will interweave the prolific author's life with his fiction and incorporate elements of his last unfinished novel, The Owl in Daylight."