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A character basing.

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Remember Runciter from the game? Well I just got the paperback edition of "Counterfeit Unrealities" by Philip K. Dick, and it turns out that Runciter was based on a character named Glen Runciter from P.K.D's novel "Ubik", except that Glen is some big buisness man who dies and sends odd messages to his employs from the beyond about Ubik, a drug used in everything from salad-dressing to kitchen-cleaner. But the character from the novel is completely different from the game. Why would Westwood use the man from Ubik as inspiration for Runciter in the game. What do you think? And has anyone else read Ubik or Counterfeit Unrealities?


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Post Sun Jun 30, 2002 9:44 pm

Ubik is VERY, VERY good book. In 1997, CRYO has made a game based on it, I have heard it's a quite good game, although I didn't play it. <BR> <BR>It is known that Westwood has been inspired not only with the movie itself, but also used some Dick elements and ideas (nuclear war, not mentioned in the game, radioactive waste disposals on the LA peroifery, etc.) <BR> <BR>Perhaps they used the Runciter name as a homage. <BR> <BR>_________________ <BR>"We need ya, Deck!"<!-- BBCode u2 Start --><A HREF="http://forum.br-insight.com" TARGET="_blank">Blade Runner Insight Forum</A><!-- BBCode u2 End --><BR><BR><font size=-1>[ This Message was edited by: BR796164 on 2002-07-01 03:47 ]</font>

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