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BR sequel/remake at Lionhead's The Movies

PostPosted: Thu May 10, 2007 11:29 am
by BR796164
I am a big fan of Lionhead Studios' The Movies game. In the game you run a movie studio from the crib of cinema and make your own blockbusters to make your studio grow. You can also upload your movies to community website.

And look what I've found :

This is an interesting take on Blade Runner theme in The Movies environment.

It's not the best movie people made in The Movies game - check some best rated ones - but it's neat to watch anyway. Of course there are necessary compromises in design as you have only limited number of various sets and costumes and scenes to choose from, but hey, this guy blade_runner has put some good effort into it, using Stunts&Effects Expansion Pack.

Regretfully I am somehow sad that somebody made BR remake before me as I had the same plans since I bought the game last Christmas.
However, this can't stop me from making my own remake or sequel to BR - perhaps something based on Jeter's books or a brand new adaptation of DADOES?

Have fun watching this! :)