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PostPosted: Thu Jan 02, 2003 11:41 pm
by Patryk Wawer
It could be, <BR> <BR>To be honest I've never look at the diffrence between those lighters. <BR> <BR>I only know that, when you activate your kia and you click on the lichter, Ray says: <BR>Lightnig squad (.....) Rep unit <BR> <BR>(....) Can't remember. <BR> <BR>I'll check out the lighter thing. <BR> <BR>_________________ <BR><!-- BBCode u2 Start --><A HREF="" TARGET="_blank"><!-- BBCode Start --><IMG SRC="" BORDER="0"><!-- BBCode End --></A><!-- BBCode u2 End --><BR><BR><font size=-1>[ This Message was edited by: Patryk Wawer on 2003-01-03 05:42 ]</font>

PostPosted: Mon Mar 31, 2008 3:33 pm
by Horoma
Sorry to bring up this old topic, but I noticed many of you are having trouble with Gordo. So here's some tips :

The Lighter

If you get a plain lighter, then Gordo is human. If the lighter has a logo on it (not sure if it's gold), and the KIA mentions "Lightning Squad, Rep Unit, Battle of the Gemini", then Gordo is a rep.

Retiring Gordo

Gordo is difficult to target because he keeps on running away. So you might want to look at where Gordo is running :
1) If you stand at the right, he'll run to the left and into Early-Q's
2) If you stand at the left, he'll run to the right and out of the screen
3) If you stand around the middle, he'll run to the back and down the stairs into the sewers

Now there's the trick, it's a lot easier to shoot him when he runs to the back of the screen. So run to the middle in 3-4 times : draw your gun when he gets close, holster it before he gets away, then run towards the middle until he's close again (you can't get there in 1 go, or he'll shoot you down). Once you get him running back and forth, it shouldn't prove too difficult to shoot him, I can even do it with standard ammo from this point.