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The Risks of Using XCC MIXER. Please read.

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Post Mon Mar 21, 2005 9:45 pm

The Risks of Using XCC MIXER. Please read.

Two years ago, I sent a reply to this. "How can I play the music files from the Blade Runner Game?" I don't think anyone remembered this since it was quite a while. Just to refresh some minds here, I was the one who mentioned about the XCC Mixer long ago in answer to this query. For those who thinks it works fine...ok good. But anyway, it'll be better if you know this.

Please be warned that the XCC Mixer is not primarily used for extracting VQA to AVI or to any other formats. The conversion takes an aweful amount of time depending on file size. Or even worse, it might crash on some ocassions risking data loss, especially for those who have the older versions of XCC. For those who have the Windows 98 Operating System, the XCC Mixer can freezes sometimes causing your entire system to freeze as well. Here's the reason: The Mixer is having difficulties tracking or locating .MIX Blade Runner Files in your computer. If this really happens, then you'll need to End the Program's Tasks immediately because it's not responding at all. If you have the newer version of the XCC which is Version 1.03, this shouldn't happen if you use it properly.


Just remember, the XCC Mixer was designed primarily used for "skinning" from the Game Command and Conquer Renegade. These files are in .DDS formats, which enable fans to alter of how Vehicles, textures, and Characters look by using Photoshop or any other software that can edit Targa files. But that's not all.

Now, with softwares like GMAX becoming soo accessible to the public, people can create their own vehicles, maps, characters, etc along with a simple tutorial to follow by. Check out www.discreet.com for more information if you want to.


Most of the Blade Runner music extracted are not complete. They have poor sound quality and are in Mono. Just note that mp3 formats were non-existant during that time. Westwood had no choice but to compress the files as much as they can.

But if you were able to extract the files, you can notice that there is an awefully a lot of Frank Klepacki style Club Mixes in the music files though I am not complaining about the music. Actually, I admire Frank's works.

If you're wondering, there is a total of 90 Minutes of music from the Blade Runner Game as noted in the Video "The Making of the Blade Runner Game". As mentioned and credited, there are two composers who worked on the Blade Runner Game Soundtrack. David Arkenstone, a New Age Composer and Multimedia Superstar Frank Klepacki. Sadly, the music.mix file does not contain any of David Arkestone's work at all for Blade Runner. You can hear small portions of his music in the Cinematic Sequences of the Game.

For those who havn't learned this yet, all of the cues and music from the game are compiled into an extremely rare Blade Runner Game Music CD. And it's quite sad that such a well-compiled and composed piece is soo limited to a few lucky ears who can actually listen to the real sound quality of the Blade Runner Game music. I envy you for those who have it.
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Post Tue Mar 22, 2005 12:40 am

Thanks for the info :D
I managed to extract all the music files using XCC mixer then converting them to mp3 as 192kbps 44khz stereo.
As for the video clips I found using VQA to AVI much better and more stable to use on WIN98, its just a matter of using a good video codec to get the files compressed well.
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