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Replicant Design



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Since the replicants (Nexus 6, anyway) were capable of self-perpetuating thought and reason and they were designed to carry out certain tasks (combat, assassination, etc.), doesn't it make sense that the replicants would have been designed to actually ENJOY doing what they were designed to do? For instance, would Pris have been happy working in a military brothel or in the Officer's Club? If all of the replicants had been given memories so that they would have presumed themselves to be human, this question might not have arisen. However, since they know that they are replicants, would they have been programmed to like what they do, or is this just a case of their doing what they're "good at"?

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id assume that since they dont feel empathy that they dont feel real joy either. Look at Roy when he dies, its not that he is sad or mad that he is dying, he is disappointed that all the "things you people wouldnt beleive" that he has seen will be lost with him. So i guess in a way the memories the reps have, implanted or otherwise create the closest reaction possible to emotion.
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