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PostPosted: Mon Jan 05, 2004 11:17 pm
by Kipple
Deckard was on a case where a replicant was filling the role of a prostitute. Who would have guessed that a female rep was killing female prostitutes. Mei was loosing her girls...her business. She put herself on the line to finally expose the rep.

Deckard: Yep. Looks like we need each other once again. This bar-steward also killed a buddy of mine. I'm not sure what it is he is after. But I'm gonna find him. Don't you worry about that.

Mei: But if he tracked you here it may be you he is after you too. Did you think of that Mr. Deckard?

Deckard: How long ago was he here?

Mei: Just last night. About 10:00.

Deckard: That doesn't give me mu...

Embraces Mei.

Deckard: I don't need you taking any unnecessary risks with this. I'll handle it. Okay? Just keep your girls on the alert. I don't believe he'll be around here again. Seems like he may have got what he needed. But, call me in case you do hear something.

Mei: Believe me, Mr. Deckard, I'll not be foolish. But I'll not stand by and be helpless either. I have connections elsewhere too. I'll let you know if I find anything else about Novak and those other companys too. You just get that bar-steward who killed my Jiang Li.

Deckard exits Meis'palace to spinner.

PostPosted: Tue Jan 06, 2004 10:26 am
by Kipple
The Snake Pit

Club announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, Taffey Lewis presents Mariah Scotch and her optic allurements.

Crowd applauded. Lights flash at the start of a strobe light beaconing back stage. Lasers shoot from various directions from stage front. Spot light on Sam dressed in a clear plastic suit illuminated with colours of red, purple, and earth tones shifting and mixing the colours as she touches various parts of her impeccable body.

From seemingly nowhere she holds in her hand a fiber optic type gizmo that is a bright sexual red. She teases the audience with it...mouthing it...rubbing it on her body...lights on stage help set the scene...pulsating in time with the motions of her passion...and continues a flawless performance sure to attract a following of both new and old customers.

After the performance.

Taffey: Girl, you were out of this world.

Sam: Why thank you Taffey.

Taffey: Another performace like that and I'll have to turn people away.

Sam thinks to herself, "As long as it's not Hume Doe. He'll sure to be here this weekend."

PostPosted: Wed Jan 07, 2004 10:09 pm
by Memory Trader
OK, Bryant, I?ve had enough of this, you?re going to tell me everything, and you?re going to tell me now! I?m not your little soldier and I?m not on a need to know basis! What the hell did Gaff mean when he said Holden had information relating to me? I think you haven?t given me all the facts, I think all you want is for me to get Novak

Ok Deck, you win, always the tough guy, there?s only one Rick Deckard!! Haha?
While Holden was looking for reps in the Tyrell corp. he came across something else, something he thought would make the reps thing look like a primary school play.

What exactly did he find?

Well Deck, we don?t ?exactly? know, because Holden was not very ?communicative? lately, I think it had to do with the fact that he was on the life support machine. Before the incident with Leon, he mentioned he accidentally came upon some files relating to a project Eldon Tyrell was working on with a foreigner.


That?s what you?re going to find out pal, the department has got its hands full with skinjobs, all we need now is the Tyrell corp. coming up with new product offerings to satisfy its market.
Holden mentioned something about Tyrell working on information encryption technologies and that they were worried that they?d be in more legal trouble that with the Nexus series.

And how does this relate to me?

We were trying to get anything we could out of Holden; it was only a matter of time before he?he said ?ask Deckard if he remembers?

If I remember what?

That?s what we want you to tell us pal.

Deckard gets into his spinner and inputs the destination ?Tyrell corp. Industrial Sector 237? The spinner takes off into the dark LA night, the police headquarters look like lights on a distant shore in a matter of seconds. Deckard looks into the distance and sees that image, the Tyrell corp. A monument of human ambition and greed, a sign of the times, but also the place were he met Rachel?
The spinner lands on the east bay and Deckard gets out and heads for Gate 21. He feels strange that he?s not taking his V.K. with him this time.

Security Guard
How may I be off assistance officer?

By taking me to the boss, asap.

Security Guard
One minute sir.

The security guard picks up his inter-com device, says something, and then appears to nod his head while saying ?yes sir, right away sir?. The Security Guard walks up to Deckard.

Security Guard
Mr Deckard, you?ve been expected, please follow me

Deckard felt a little surprised, but he wanted to get on with it so he didn?t say anything and just followed the guard into an elevator. They were heading for the top level.

Security Guard
Mr Deckard, Mr Eldon Tyrell will be with you shortly.

Mr Eldon Tyrell?

PostPosted: Wed Jan 07, 2004 10:15 pm
by Memory Trader
A voice is heard from behind a door ?Junior actually?

Eldon Tyrell Jr
I?ve been expecting you Mr Deckard, that will be all James?

Security Guard
Yes Mr Tyrrell

How did you know I was heading here?

Eldon Tyrell Jr
I?d rather not get into that Mr Deckard, I?d rather cut to the chase.


Eldon Tyrell Jr
Most would say I?m a spitting image of my father

I can see why

Eldon Tyrell Jr
Yes?but unlike my father who liked to theorize, talk in riddles, and generally be as abstract as possible, I am more of a businessman, I guess it comes from my mother?s side. In any case, the fact is that you?re in pursuit of one of my father?s associates


Eldon Tyrell Jr
Yes indeed Mr Deckard, and believe me, we are more interested in his capture that you are.

And why is that?

Eldon Tyrell Jr
As you probably know Mr Deckard, my father and Novak were working on information encryption and..

Since you?re a businessman, Jr, I?d like to make sure we understand each other here, you need to tell me exactly what is going on here, Holden wouldn?t make such a great deal out of ?information encryption?, he knew you were up to something, so let?s stop wasting our time and?get down to business/

Eldon Tyrell Jr
Ahhh, the LAPD, always the last to know, well, I guess it?s no secret within our industry?Mr Deckard, we developed the Nexus series as there existed a serious demand for low cost labor to do the dirty work in off-world mines a ?real? human wouldn?t last a week. Creating replicants was no real scientific breakthrough, the legality off the issue was the main barrier. Once the legislators were convinced that these weren?t ?real? people, we were set for production. We engineered the Nexus series to last for 4 years for many reasons, such as that any machine is expected to under perform under such conditions after a certain period of time, and we can?t exactly give a Nexus a holiday can we??

Jr laughs loudly, but Deckard is not impressed.

Eldon Tyrell Jr
In addition it is more convenient for us to view them as entities with an expiry date, if they were to live a full life span, then they would be just like us, not to mention they would be useless at the age of say 55 or 60.

It?s also quite convenient for the Tyrell corp. that reps ?expire? so fast; I guess your clients need to buy from you again.

Eldon Tyrell Jr
Mr Deckard, it seems you are quite a businessman too! I am truly impressed. Anyway, what we did was basically make slave labor legal again, however our ?wet dream? has always been to provide clients with secure databases. Secure information is more precious than a million replicants put together. A teenager with access to a terminal can view a company?s dirtiest secrets and destroy a multi billion empire with a click. My father and Novak where working on encrypting information and storing it in the perfect machine.

The perfect machine?

Eldon Tyrell Jr
The human Mr Deckard. In fact Mr Deckard, you are more involved that you can imagine, or should I say?remember

Deckard started to feel quite uneasy

What do you mean?

Eldon Tyrell Jr
That day you were VKing Rachel, you were exposed to subliminal messages, technically so was she, those messages stored valuable information in your brain that can be retrieved given the right stimulus.

What the?!!!???

Eldon Tyrell Jr
You?re after Novak as much as he?s after you Mr Deckard, you?ve got valuable information stored in you, that he wants to retrieve, my guess is that the information my father stored in you relates to Novak, possibly incriminates him. My father probably wanted an insurance policy against Novak, and what better way than to store the information in a representative of the law! My father?what a genius?Novak must have found out about this recently, or you?d have been dead a long time ago.

PostPosted: Sun Mar 21, 2004 12:14 am
by Kipple
The Snake Pit-after Sam's next scheduled appearance.
We hear a knock on Sam's dressing room door.

Sam: Who's there?

Hume Doe: An old acquaintance and admirer of yours from the not too distant past.

Sam: (recognizing his "charm") Did you bring flowers?

Hume Doe: The finest "home grown" roses await your delight my dear.

She gets up from table and opens door. Stares at him for a second then walks facing the mirror tying her hair back. Hume closes the door,sets the flowers down on the table before her.

Hume Doe: It's been a long time my dear. Tell me. Where did you go? ( silence for a few seconds) Better yet...why?

Sam: (turning towards him) I went off-world Humey. I got frightened. What...after my two friends were brutally murdered and me nearly escaping mine...I needed to get the hell out of here.

Sam turns down to table searching for a cigarette...lights up...blows a stream slightly over Humes' head.

Hume Doe: You couldn't have reached me? Vid-phone? ( searching her face for answers) If you were so frightened I could have helped you.

Sam: I thought about calling you...I really did. But, I just thought I wanted to leave this all behind me.

Hume Doe: Why,then,did you come back? And back here of all places?

Sam: (putting cigarette out in ash tray) I was brought in for questioning by the UN and had to undergo an exam. And when they found out a few things about me...they deported me.

Hume: I'm sorry. (looking embarrassed) It doesn't really matter I suppose. You are here now. That's what matters. Where are you staying?

Sam: I'm staying with a friend...a girlfriend, for the time being. (looking at Hume squarely trying to make him understand her desparateness) Listen, I pissed-off someone Off World and they must have said something to the inspectors to get me deported. I thought maybe of going to New York...but I have friends here and I knew I could get a job here at Taffy's. They wouldn't even return all my credits I earned there.

Hume: I still own that flat in the (xy)Sector. Please. Stay there. At least until you get your feet back on the ground. You won't have to work here...and who knows. Maybe we can rekindal what I believe we once had together. (put his finger tips over her lips) I won't pressure you. One step at a time.

Sam: Oh, Humey...I shouldn't. I...

Hume: I won't take no for an answer. I insist. We'll get you a more respectable job and get you up and running on your own again.

They embrace. Sam gives out a long sigh, both for his benefit and for her cleverness of accomplishing phase 2 of her mission.

Sam: The flowers are lovely Hume...thank you.

PostPosted: Sat Apr 03, 2004 11:02 am
by Kipple

Anyone really interested in this story? Should I continue to contribute to it? I do enjoy toying with the ideas...but not if it is simply taking up space that could otherwise be used for topics that are of interest to others.


PostPosted: Fri Apr 17, 2009 12:31 pm
by ZG1000-A20
Bump! Just stirrin' the pot. Can contribute to this after I get some other writing done, but wanted to see if anyone else was interested.

PostPosted: Sat Apr 25, 2009 6:17 pm
by ZG1000-A20
In another part of town, A very tall, attractive, blond female in a business suit walks through an immaculate corporate corridor. She walks into a lounge area where six asian businessmen are having a small party.

Matsuka Fu-Chin: Gentlemen, our evening's business has arrived.

Stephen Chang: (Sitting on couch, holding a bottle of sake, half drunk) But uncle, only one? (Using bottle, points to the others in the room) You are usually better prepared.

(Everyone laughs a little, except for the blond.)

Matsuka: Relax, Stephen-san. Another is on her way. (Turns and looks at blond) What is your name, my dear?

Claire Bisonette: My name is Claire. (Claire puts her foot on the coffee table, and adjusts her stockings, revealing her gorgeous legs and incredible profile.) What shall we do with our time, gentlemen?

(A few of the others begin to laugh a little. Stephen is in awe.)

Matsuka: Would you care for a drink, Miss Claire?

Claire: (Looks over at Stephen, smiling) I'll have whatever he's having.

Matsuka: Stephen, be polite, offer the lady a drink.

(Stephen stands up and begins to pour sake into a cup for her. Claire takes the cup, smiling, and her eyes never leave Stephen's. Stephen's jaw is dropped. The others begin to laugh even more.)

Claire: (Looks back at Matsuka) Did you really have to call for another girl? (Looks back to Stephen) I'm not sure you handle me if I got jealous.

PostPosted: Tue Apr 28, 2009 4:14 pm
by ZG1000-A20
Later on, another lady is walking down the same previous hallway. She is dressed a little more in the manner of a prostitute than Claire. She checks her watch as if she's in a big hurry, and goes through the doors of the lounge

Jade: Hey everyone! Sorry I'm running late, Who's ready to part- (She stops mid-sentence and looks around the room in complete horror. The bodies of all six businessmen are lying on the floor, all dead. Claire is kneeling on the floor, her hands covered in blood.)

Jade: (looks at Claire) Oh my god, girl...Are you alright?

Claire: Are you a mother?

Jade: What?!?...No...We need to get you to a hospital, girl, c'mon...

Claire: If you can't make life, you can only take it. (Claire looks over at Jade with an evil look. Jade begins to realize that Claire is a replicant, and begins to run for the door. She doesn't make it.)

PostPosted: Sun May 17, 2009 12:53 am
by ZG1000-A20
Scene shift to an outside shot of Stalingrad, 2019. The city landscape is very similar to Los Angeles 2019, but the signs are written in a mixture of Russian, Arabic and Korean. Masses of people are in the streets, walking through a mixture of rain and sleet. Camera closes in on an office where we see a man talking to a vidphone. A familar face is shown in the vidphone's display.

Rechkalov: Captain Bryant, my hands are tied in this manner. All information requests must be done through your countries' embassy.

Bryant: Hey, I'm not asking for the moon. All I'm looking for is the same info that you'd give your own guys. It'll take at least three weeks to get anything out of the embassy office, and by that time who knows what the body count will be.

Rechkalov: I'm not sure how things work in your agency, but around here we follow protocol. And protocal states that any information..

Bryant and Rechkalov:(Speaking together) Must be sent through the database of the appropriate countries' embassy.

Bryant: Yeah, I get the idea. Thanks. It's been an education.

(Bryant hangs up on his end, the picture on Rechkalov's vidphone goes blank.)

(Rechkalov looks over at a younger officer sitting in his office.)

Rechkalov:(Sits back in his chair and lights a cigarette) This is getting a little out of hand, wouldn't you agree?

Victor Gulayev: Novak is certainly stirring up a lot of trouble with the Los Angeles police. Do they have any idea of the connection?

Rechkalov: No. And I can't tell them. But a rogue agent is something that the Kommissar won't tolerate, regardless. Novak is a disgrace to the agency. Time to clean this mess up, once and for all. How's your english, Viktor?

Gulayev: Good enough. What are my orders?

Rechkalov: Retirement.

PostPosted: Wed Jul 01, 2009 3:33 pm
by ZG1000-A20
(Scene shifts into Bryant's office. Deckard and Sam are both sitting in chairs in front of Bryant's desk. Bryant gets up, closes his office door and walks back towards his desk, looking at both Deckard and Sam.)

Bryant: Well, well, well. The Lone Ranger and his sidekick Ginger Rogers. Ain't you two quite the pair. This had better be good. Real good.

Deckard: Word on the street is that you've got a new problem, boss.

Bryant: My problem is right now I've got of my own two rep-detects going rogue on me. (Starts yelling) You two were supposed to be on a flight to London, for chrissakes!! I don't have time for this cowboy bullshit, especially not from somebody who just let a Nexus 6 slip through his fingers!!

Deckard: Hey, I have no idea where Rachel slipped off to, How can I-

Bryant: Yeah, right. Save that crap for someone who believes it. Next time this department pays for you to go to London....You go to London, get it?

(Sam lets out a very repressed smile.)

Bryant:(looks back to Sam) And you, sugar britches...Dance on your own goddamn time, not mine. What the fuck were you thinking?!? Dancing in public place, with god only knows how many cops watching? It'll be a miracle if the Chief doesn't find out. He thinks you're in London eating fish and chips.

Sam: Hey he ditched me on the plane, what was I supposed to do -

Bryant: You should've called me from London and let me known what was going on. But fortunately for you two, the problem seems to have come back to roost here in good ol' L.A. . You two got anything for me on a replicant killing hookers?

Deckard: A little. A local madame came to talk to me about someone that's killing off her girls. It's why I bailed on going to London.

Bryant: Forget London. I have a new job for you two.

Scene shifts to a room where Sam and Deckard are viewing the security videotape recording of Claire killing the businessmen and the hooker. Both flinch at the speed and brutal way Claire kills. Bryant is standing there eyeballing both of them, watching thier reactions

Bryant: At first, I was just going to assign this to another Rep detect, and send you two back onto Novak's trail. But then we found this...Stop recording, go back to 35.12.29.

(Recording stops and goes back to a section that shows Claire's arm more clearly)

Bryant: Magnify center of screen, ten times.

(Recording magnifies Claire's arm showing a small tatoo with Russian writing.)

Deckard: You think this has something to do with Novak?

Bryant: That's exactly what you two degenerates are going to find out. We're not sure, but she arrived and started causing trouble about the same time we started trailing Novak, so he might be using her as a distraction to take some heat off himself. But so far she's been linked to a dozen murders. She's clearly out of control, even Novak's, near as we can tell. Stalingrad isn't telling us a thing. (Looks over at Deckard) Retire her, and find out if there's a connection to Novak. It's that simple.

Re: Bladerunner 2 (Bladezone Sequel)

PostPosted: Wed May 12, 2010 4:01 pm
by omnicd
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep is a loose adaptation of Philip K. Dick's novel which was already made into a movie: 1982 Ridley Scott's Blade Runner. Blade Runner was recently voted "best science fiction movie of all time"
We started that project back in 2007, when we shot the first scenes in Paris La Defense. 2 years later, having already made two short-movies, we decided to go on with that film and reshot entirely the first 2 scenes to give them a better look and a grander scale.

Scene 1 was shot on location in Bangkok in October 2009 but also features images of Singapore and Dubai airports as well as various locations in Chambon-la-Forêt and Rigarda (France). This was probably the most challenging scene i have ever shot due to the intense crowd in Bangkok and various logistics problems I had to deal with in order to give the scene a particular and futuristic mood. Music is by Vangelis.

Scene 2 was entirely shot in one evening in the thirteenth district of Paris, in early July of 2009. Music is by japanese composer Kentarō Haneda.
Editing took place between Bangkok and Pithiviers, whenever I had time and energy. Further development on that project is already scheduled.

I've JUST uploaded the NEW "scene 1" ! You can check it out right now by clicking on the following link:

Re: Bladerunner 2 (Bladezone Sequel)

PostPosted: Sun Jun 26, 2011 6:40 pm
by Ambiguous
This would not be the first time a sequel was made to a 20+ year old film (Tron, Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Superman)........ But are there any examples where the fanbase was pleased with the results and felt it added to the original film?

General audiences might enjoy BR2 as a cool sci-fi flick, but I find it hard to imagine even casual fans of Blade Runner being happy.

Re: Bladerunner 2 (Bladezone Sequel)

PostPosted: Wed Mar 06, 2013 6:26 pm
by Kipple
Anyone know how I can get in contact with Memory Trader? His email listed in his profile bounced my message.

Thanks, Kipple