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Sequel now a greater possibility?



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Sequel now a greater possibility?

With the new cut coming out due to the Tyrant finally loosening his grip on the rights, a sequel seems more likely. From what I know, that was always the issue when it came to having the movie go beyond the script stage.

Your thoughts?
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Post Fri Feb 16, 2007 5:33 pm

My Thoughts

My view on this is...I'd like a movie in the same "world" as Blade Runner. Different characters...different storyline. (I'm working on a story at the moment to add to my website, which could be "interrpreted" as a sequel. (More on that as it comes to a close.)

My other thought is...it would be great (IMHO) to have a production of DADoES...absolutely true to the book. It would be a MULTI-VOLUME release...such as what "Lord of the Rings" did on their dvd release. I've got some actors in my mind, whom I see performing some of the parts, when I read the book (In my minds' eye.).

Those are my thoughts on this. :)


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2010...nuff said

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