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PostPosted: Wed Dec 26, 2001 2:10 pm
by Centauro
Despite I am against the making of a Blade Runner sequel, (and I've shown my<BR>reasons elsewhere) as a 24-7 fan, I am interested in everything Blade Runner<BR>related stuff. I found (by accident, I swear!) a site about coming movies, <BR>created by some kind of Hollywood insider. He/She's got a film projects listing including 'Blade Runner 2', a link of course I followed. <BR><BR>Not that it has new info on that issue. They even quote BladeZone and his "[site head burrito] Gerry Kissell" (SIC) as primary source of info on this issue<BR>(Sounds familiar?).<BR><BR>What I found interesting is a mention to "a fantastic spec script we got our hands on a few years ago for a Blade Runner sequel", by S. Hazeldine, and the reviewer makes a good comment on it. <BR><BR>Never heard of it, must be hollywooders business. Anyway, I'd like to check it out. <BR><BR>Heard of it? Have it, anyone? Where should look for it?<BR><BR>If you wanna read the review, here's the address of 'Coming Attractions'<BR><BR><!-- BBCode u1 Start --><A HREF="" TARGET="_blank"></A><!-- BBCode u1 End --><BR><BR>and the page on BR2 is at <BR><BR><!-- BBCode u1 Start --><A HREF="" TARGET="_blank"></A><!-- BBCode u1 End --><BR><BR>Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to all you repdetects. <BR><BR><BR>Centauro

PostPosted: Thu Dec 27, 2001 9:59 am
Thanks for the link. It was pretty informative. I guess we will have to be content with the Jeter Blade Runner novel 'sequels' and fan-fiction..Oh, did I say 'fan-fiction?'...ANYBODY here read my fan-fic Shades of Gray here? Hmmmmmmmm? ( As I bang my head on the desk..I need input!) It's right here on this fine website. There has got to be more than ONE person here who likes fan-fiction..right? Helllooo............... <IMG SRC="/forum/images/smiles/icon_eek.gif"><BR><BR><font size=-1>[ This Message was edited by: POLITIKO on 2001-12-27 15:59 ]</font>

PostPosted: Thu Dec 27, 2001 10:02 am
by Deckard BR26354
Hey POLITIKO, I did my best... <IMG SRC="/forum/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif">

PostPosted: Thu Dec 27, 2001 10:26 am
Yes Sir, you went above and beyond..just trying to jump-start people into reading the story...perhaps there can be some lively debate about the story and how it may or may not fit into the BR universe!..Again, you have my sincere thanks. <IMG SRC="/forum/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif">

PostPosted: Mon Jan 07, 2002 3:02 am
by BRmovie
The link you posted is interesting to those who may not have seen it, but is rather ancient news. The script was AFAIK only read by a small number and physical copies were never made available to anyone outside a small circle. I've kept my eyes open for years, but have never seen any hint of it being available to read. If anyone should actually come across it, I will gladly put it up on the web (if allowed).<BR>

PostPosted: Mon Mar 28, 2005 9:26 pm
by Kipple
This was taken from the previously mentioned link from "Director's Cut".

March 8, 1998
"...submitted anonymously:
"Blade Runner 2.

"Just thought you'd like to know this project *does* exist.

"Because I have in my hands a copy of the screenplay titled BLADE RUNNER DOWN, by Stuart Hazeldine, based on the book by by K.W. Jeter.

"Hazeldine is a writer who I believe wrote the MUTANT CHRONICLES movie in development now.

"This script is dated 11/1/97 and appears to follow the plot from Jeter's book (REPLICANT NIGHT) -- it opens in a cabin in the woods with Deckard and Rachel. This movie would require either Harrison to come back, or the audience to swallow a new actor playing him, because it's all Deckard."

End of scoop. The cool part is (all thanks to a mystery friend) -- I just got to read this puppy.

Yeah, I sense the tension in the room. A whole bunch of Blade Runner fans just shifted uncomfortably in their chairs, riled at the thought of a sequel to BR. 'A sequel?? Who the hell in the right mind is gonna make a sequel to what many people consider the best serious SF film of the 80s? They gotta have rocks for--'

It's good. It's really, really good. I haven't read Jeter's book but I have friends who had. I asked them about some of the stuff in this script and they scratched their heads. 'Sure, some of it's the same, but not that part. Or that, or that.'

This moves. It's got legs to stand on and it'd be a kick-ass movie. But to pull it off the scooper's right -- you need Ford back as Deckard, but it works: he'd pull a 55 year old Deckard off. The movie opens ten years after the last scene in Blade Runner (no, not Ridley Scott's Director's Cut but the theatrical '82 version). Rachel's dying -- there's a hidden lifespan embedded in her genes. Deckard puts her into cryo and goes back to the only place she might be saved: the Tyrell Corporation and L.A. But the cops aren't forgetting about how Deckard blew out of town; before he knows it he's got the entire Blade Runner division hunting him like a replicant. The sixth replicant from BR isn't forgotten about, and neither is Tyrell's niece (the parts I was told are also in Jeter's book).

It wouldn't be the same as the original BR, but that's part of the script's charm: it's a different beast but still set within the same universe, like Alien is to Aliens. It's got some great chase sequences (the one at police HQ particularly) and some well-thoughtout characters. I'd pay $8 to see this.Patrick Sauriol, Creator, Chief Content Writer & Director Coming Attractions"

More can be read

PostPosted: Mon Mar 28, 2005 9:56 pm
by THX1138
sounds awsome. im still unsure about a sequel though. im 50/50 on that. like i said many times, i would have to see the script. but then again, if its certain ridley were going to direct it, it must be good, and i'd be in favor of it, now that we have CGI and better budgets for this sort of project.

PostPosted: Mon Mar 28, 2005 10:36 pm
by zoomer_one
Yeah Jeter had hopes of turning his book into a sequel...but that was a pipe dream. Much like my failed attempt of writing a fan fic that was almost like a sequel to it.

Stuart Hazeldine

PostPosted: Mon Mar 28, 2005 11:08 pm
by Kipple
Here's what I found on Stuart Hazeldine, (which isn't much).

Writer - filmography:
Riverworld (2003) (TV)

Producer - filmography :
Nichts als die Wahrheit (1999) (associate producer)
... aka After the Truth (Canada: English title) (International: English title)

Excert from "" by David Michael Wharton 05/20/04

"...I leave you one last point of view. In addition to having written Riverworld for the Sci Fi Channel, Stuart Hazeldine has one of the most interesting unproduced resum?s in Hollywood (a Blade Runner sequel spec, which first brought him notice, and a high-fantasy version of Edgar Allan Poe's Masque of the Red Death, written with Alex Proyas). He told me his own process for breaking down the story:

"I've found a formula that works for me, whether it's a treatment or a screenplay or what-have-you. I call it 'Bones, Muscles, and Skin.' The bones of the script are literally just going through and writing all the slug lines. That normally takes about two hours, but you can only do that once you have some sort of treatment, even if it's illegible and in a foreign language. You have to know roughly what the structure is. The slug lines are the bones. What I call the muscles is going through the slug lines and writing every possible thing that could be said or done: action, description, or dialogue. Just writing in no particular order: you write down bits of dialogue, you write down anything that could potentially go into that scene. Once you've done that -- and that's a big process -- you go through and actually write the scenes. I find that as I struggle with that middle phase, I naturally give more order to it. I start to move scenes around or say, 'That works better with this.' So when you finally get to the last phase, skin, which is making everything pretty and writing it properly, there's a lot less work for you to do."

Was said to have been approached about writing a screenplay for Joe Madureira?s "Battle Chasers".

British sci-fi magazine SFX ( in issue #88 ) published a short interview with him.

Hazeldine co-wrote with Alex Proyas a script for Proyas' direction of Edgar Allan Poe's "The Masque of the Red Deathtale"-a production in limbo at present.

Wrote a proposed storyline for Alien 4.

PostPosted: Tue Sep 13, 2005 3:45 pm
by Kaneda

Here's an interesting overview of BRD, for those who haven't seen it.