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Casting considerations of a sequel.

After looking at this discussion of a sequel. I started thinking about some of the problems (aside from the obvious of a great script).

Assuming we could get Harrison Ford and /or Sean young to even appear in a sequel, I noticed this:

If Sean Young were available, she could reprise the role as the "Real" older version of the character. As such, the events of Nov 2019 would be unknown her. The role of Deckard could likewise be reprised with the "real" version. This would put a new spin on an old story. The "alternate version" of events in Blade Runner could be explained as the replicant view of events and the original story unexplored except in the book.

The alternate version allows for a new cast to present the "real" story following the events of Nov 2019.

An alternate version still presents the characters as different people while the original cast lends options for reprisals as replicant characters i.e Rachael as the older replicant years afterward as well.

Rachel might be presented in one of many versions:

-Older Replicant

-Real person which was the basis of the Replicant.

-New character which may be a replicant posing as a real person

-New character as the real version of Rachel: the adult Rachael of Blade Runner may have been based on a child and not an adult. While this would answer many questions, it may be confusing to an audience. It would ultimately need explanation.

There is also the possiblity of two Rachaels: Old real, Young Replicant, Young real, and Old Replicant. some of these are exclusive to the non dead Rachael scenario.

Deckard also has variations:

-Older Deckard of original film (dead Rachael scenario) (Ford version)

-Older Real Deckard oblivious to Nov 2019 events alternate Deckard (Possible replacement actors include Morgan Paull)

-Younger Deckard that looks like Ford, [this does actor exist]. Matthew Davis (Below 2002) for one, Allows for pickup of Blade Runner only a short time afterward. Also original Dead Rachael scenario. (Deckard shoots Rachael)

Other twists:
Original cast in various roles as genetic designers/donors whom the Replicants were based on.

"It could have been so much more than a cult movie." HF