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What is so "Special" about the special edition DVD

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What is so "Special" about the special edition DVD

I got the special directors cut of BR. it has and interactive menu WOOO fricken whoo! can anyone explain to me why cuts scenes and director commentary were not added to this dvd? Is there a dvd were it is added?
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Post Wed Jun 25, 2003 5:45 pm

As far as I know the DVD you're talking about is exactly the same movie as the previous release of the director's cut - Warner just repackaged it along with a few nice pictures to 'clear the shelves' in preparation for the 'real' special edition, which is about 18 months overdue by me reckoning.

The 'real' special edition will be special - we're all hoping for 3 different versions of the movie (including the work print). Real news about the release date is scarce - I'm not even sure if they're still editing it or whether it's done and they're waiting the legal people to catch up (Blade Runner has had a long history of 'ownership' problems).

You can find lot's of discussion about this long awaited DVD in these forums...
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