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the cops badges have their bios on the reverse?

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Post Wed Jan 02, 2008 6:50 am

the cops badges have their bios on the reverse?

Hi All,

Ok I know we all have to say it

Charles a brilliant effort THE UCE is the best DVD set I have seen released. I got my first dvd player back in 2000 for (At the time) rumoured BR dvd SE-after the cruddy BRDC box set withat subpar transfer I gave up-7 years worth the wait.

Now on the Workprint commentary by Paul M Sammon-he mentions that the policemans badges have their bios printed on the other side! Was this mentioned in Future Noir?!

Has anyone seen the actual prop?

I'm still recovering from deleted scenes -OMG-that credit sequence with water dropping-wow.
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Post Wed Jan 02, 2008 9:38 pm

I have seen the pictures of a badge taken at worldcon in 2006. The actors name is on masking tape on the back, but no bio that I know of.

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Post Wed Jan 02, 2008 9:51 pm

The bios are there, and you can see them in the film...

...if you watch it on an Esper. :P
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