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Holden Strangeness

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Krokodyle wrote:
Merc wrote:I suppose that could be possible (the mechanical innards would make him an older model though, wouldn't it?).

Assuming he was a rep, I think he'd have to be an older model, as it seems (my interpretation anyway) that Holden was part of/associated with the Police force for a while. Since Nexus 6 was so surprising to Chew and Sebastian (like they hadn't seen any completed N6 models--either from the rep-earth ban or not being associated with anything more than a specific aspect of the rep's construction), it'd be unlikely that Holden would be even one model number earlier...Police departments rarely get state-of-the-art equipment...so maybe he was a few models back.

I would say if Holden was a rep, that he'd be the same level as Deckard - a 6 or 7. We have to remember they are manufactured for a demand - Tyrell Corp is a business. If the police dept was to buy in a rep to hunt rep, they'd buy reps to a standard that met their requirement; and that would be a rep that would have enough instinct and understanding to be able to hunt and kill their own. In other words, they're detectives, a very human job, and as such, I'd imagine they were high grade.

But we also have to remember that the nexus 6 on Earth was meant to be a one off case. Bryant said this was new, so did Deck. JF Sebastian was surprised too. I think we can assume that its lower models which BRs on Earth normally go after, which is why this mission was such a problem.

Now if Holden was a rep assigned to take out reps on Earth, it logically stands he'd be therefore following lower models; Nexus 3 or something, and as such this would explain why both Holden and Deck have problems with the 6s; if they were both reps, they were created to hunt a lower class of rep. They were top of the line, but built to requirements, humanistic skiills to hunt low grade replicants. The N6 was all a bit of a crazy situation.

That is, if Holden was a rep (which I don't think he was - in any version). I must admit, the fluid in his mouth in the hospital scene reminded me of Ash and Bishop, so perhaps that could be an argument that Holden was a lower grade rep. :)

Personally, I think there is a VERY strong argument (though I don't believe its proof - there's a difference), that Holden was a rep in the FC where Deckard is. Logically, if they have chosen to have reps fighting reps, then they would probably make it a departmental role and maybe have people like Gaff as overseerers.

Yes, in the original script the idea is Gaff is a potential, and in some of the deleted scenes this is referenced, but if we take the FC as the only direct evidence, I think one could argue that Holden COULD quite likely be a rep if Deck is, though you could also postulate that Deck is the first rep to be used by the city for BR'ing - a policy change. It does make Tyrell's situation more interesting if he knows Deck is a rep, it makes the VK test on Rachel as much about testing Deck as it is Rachel.

Okay, getting off topic, but some ideas anyhow!


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Post Thu Mar 13, 2008 6:22 pm

The stuff in holden's mouth looked like saliva to me and not the same milky substance in bishop's mouth in the movie alien. . I went back and observed this for myself and i say that's a pretty close theory you have ah,...could be true.
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Deckard wrote:IF Holden were a Replicant, and Deckard was also a Replicant and didn't know Holden was one, the whole deleted HOSPITAL SCENE could have been a carefully orchestrated scenario by Gaff and Bryant to bring Deckard back on the job.

If the timing of Deckard's visit was such that he had already been gone from the BR Unit, and was not working, he goes to see Holden in the hospital, Bryant and Gaff are watching and realize Deckard isn't coming back of his own free will.

So they send Gaff out to "Arrest" him and bring him back to Bryant.


Interesting perspective, but it wouldnt match chronologically because when Deckard is speaking Bryant at his office Deckard tells him ''why dont you get Holden'' and we know Bryant tells him he would, if only Holden hadnt been injured. Cut back to Deckards face and theres a genuine sense of surprise on his face because HE DIDNT KNOW HOLDEN WAS INJURED!! So him meeting Holden prior to the 'arrest' by Gaff/Bryant, would not work!!

A nice theory though! ;)
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