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A review of the Melbourne Black Curtain BRFC Event

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Post Thu Dec 06, 2007 10:35 am

A review of the Melbourne Black Curtain BRFC Event

Hi all

Got to thank this forum, on here I found a link to Myspace.com run event down under:)

Basically you sign up to Myspace.com print out your profile (Thats your ticket) to what you ask?

Well a screening of BRFC and a Q&A with Rutger Hauer! This event ran only 3 times once for Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne (The one I went to). No cost plus the raffle prizes drool-more later

so it was scheduled for 6pm on the 6/12 (Or for the US 12/6) at the Jam factory, a sort of cinema complex shopping mall-in the expensive suburb of South Yarra.

So promptly I went up one of bosses and said i needed that day off-i had worked lots so boss said you have a day off paid:)

So next was reading the event it was first in all good if cinema filled up too bad-I would not be denied a chance to A: meet Rutger B: win the 5 dvd briefcase and C: see the movie again.

So I decided to go very early 10am thinking no one would be there I would go shopping etc and camp out the front of line-wrong 2 people already there!

So I spent 4-5 hours in line chatting with these nice BR fans

Rutger shows up -Get his autograph on my BR 1982 Press kit b/w photo of him in tyrell elevator holding Sebastians jacket-than photo with him-i had brought my copy of his all those moments book-but nice fan had nothing for him to sign so i gave him my copy:)

We than file in to cinema-Rutger was very nice he signed all fans items he could and went down the line which was huge but not small either-he made a good impression on people as well,

there was some very nice people there-like a teenage girl who stood in line for 5 hours so her dad could take her spot after work-as a xmas present-good on her.

than came Q and A in cinema-Rutger was shall I say was colourful in his well no other word Rants-very funny and of course the highlight was the description of the cut sequence of Tyrell being a replicant and him and JF finding real Tyrell frozen.

He does not mix words and rutger certainly has no love for stallone LOL

He got into heavy areas like the death of cinema-cinema is just all for money -A film like BR will never be made again...lots of thought provoking stuff but he tended to forget why he started and everyone loved it.

I had front row seat and rutger stood in arms reach of me and the man has charisma thats for sure-than they grabbed all the printouts we handed as tickets and rutger reached in and though most of the box in the air -we loved it-the organisers were stunned lol-2 lucky people who i now despise with jealous rage scored the briefcase (Its really small-for all those where will i put it-people)

But first prize-a framed/mounted BR FC poster signed by all cast but Harrison (No surprise there) -I wept as some stranger took that away I curse him lol

Rutger than left and we watched the BRFC in all its digtial glory or so I thought.............................It was the BRFC print transferred on to film-complete with those spots to indicate change of reel-it was not the quality I saw at the astor-that was shocking. We had seen a guy lugging these massive film reels-but said to my mate no thats not brfc its digital

how wrong was I

but last note they gave out the unicorns/spinners from the briefcase set in white boxes-I have a spinner:)

Thanks for reading if you read this far:)

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Post Thu Dec 06, 2007 5:36 pm

Thanks for sharing that mate, sounds like a great experience. Rutger is right about it being impossible to make a film like BR nowadays. Even back in 1982 it was unique.


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Post Thu Dec 06, 2007 5:56 pm

Sounds like you had a fantastic time! Thanks for sharing.
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Post Thu Dec 06, 2007 7:39 pm

glad to hear you had a good time.

ive read lots of reviews and done lots of article over the year, and notice one thig to be constantly true - what a great guy Rutger Haur is! i mean, there is no special front, he is who he is and is honest and you see 1005 of him at every appearence he makes.

i know big actors can easily be diverting alot of their time to the stage/set and some actors will only do special appearenced for loarge sums of money, but this guy will go down as one of my all time best actors, not to mention being a great guy too!
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