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Wired, 12/2007, Page 101

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Post Wed Nov 28, 2007 8:25 pm

Wired, 12/2007, Page 101

OK, there's an ad for the DVD in the new Wired.

It is not using the new poster art, nor the old poster art. Rather, it is using a picture of Harrison...or is it Ben? Ford, in front of a new photographic background. He's wearing a lame black leather or pleather jacket with a fur or fake fur collar...does not look AT ALL like the "hero trenchcoat." You see a picture of the plastic briefcase right next to him, superimposed.

Questions...is the guy in the picture Harrison or Ben Ford? If it's Harrison this is a great Photoshop job.

Comment: lame costuming. Should have sprung for an Abbyshot trench or gotten in touch with Rachael in Portland who posts on Propsummit.

All told: what they really should have done was go with the new BR:FC poster art. It's gorgeous. It stands proudly and says "I am Blade Runner." Instead, the ad is a botch. :roll:
Yes, I really live in Los Angeles. Srsly. And yeah, life really does imitate art here. Especially now we've got those video billboards. No spinners yet. But I suppose that's next.


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Post Sun Dec 02, 2007 11:58 pm

I would agree regarding the choice of cover art ... they should have gone with the new FC poster. Ironically, I saw the ad Friday night in the car during the ride home from seeing ... BRFC in San Francisco (both shows sold out!)! We stopped for gas and I picked up my buddy's new WIRED off the floor and flipping through came up on the advert. Nice surprise but the movie poster would have been more appropriate.
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