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Post Fri Dec 07, 2007 8:00 pm

Your idea of a BR Convention in 2009 is such an excellent idea, I started a new thread in Blade Runner Round Table about it.

Excellent freaking idea. And 2009 is enough time to where it could be doable.

Yes, I really live in Los Angeles. Srsly. And yeah, life really does imitate art here. Especially now we've got those video billboards. No spinners yet. But I suppose that's next.


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Post Sat Dec 08, 2007 6:11 pm

Mr.Origami wrote:I cannot still realize why Vangelis didn't accept to say at least two words about the movie that, along with Chariots of Fire and 1492: Conquest of Paradise, contributed to wide his reputation and success as a movie composer and musician.

The Elsewhere Vangelis site is updating often these days, and it points to a comical "interview" at Denofgeek.com:

Many of your fans might have expected a synthetic, 'Beauborg'-style score for Blade Runner, rather than the rich and emotional tapestry of themes that you came up with. How concerned were you with disassociating the Blade Runner score from the bombast of Star Wars and the 'artificial' style of many previous sci-fi themes?

A. In order to answer your question I need a special talent that some people have to talk about their work endlessly, something I find very difficult and boring to do. So, I will just say that I did what I felt like doing at the moment I did it.

Q. It took many years for the real Blade Runner soundtrack to be released - what were the issues you had with releasing the original score, until the final official release in the 1990s?

A. I do not wish to dwell on this subject; suffice to say it was not a particularly happy situation for me. But after all, I am glad that it came out when it did, even that late.

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Post Mon Dec 10, 2007 1:47 pm

The beauty of an isolated score track on the DVD would have been EXACTLY that it wouldn't be like the bootlegs. The track would have just been the music as it appears in the film but with the dialogue/sound fx removed, so that the cues would have been as they appear in the film, edits and all. It would have been wonderful. I'd just turn the sound up and soak it all in.

The advantages of such a track are obvious, even in the face of the new 3-disc soundtrack release... the opening titles are NOT on the new set. Disgraceful, Vangelis WHAT were you thinking, keeping the title music, of all things, permanently unreleased? Words fail me. :cry:


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Post Wed Dec 12, 2007 4:49 am

The new 3disc set is far from being a real complete soundtrack release since it lacks not only the "Opening titles", but even the music of the Snake Pit with the vocal performance of Demis Roussos, the "Deckard meets Rachel" track, the complete version of 10 minutes of "Wounded animals" now entitled "Deckard's and Roy's duel" and shortened to 6 minutes, "Morning at the Bradbury" and "Deckard enters the Bradbury".
However I think the second disc will provide a surprising fresh access to hig quality sound version of some unheard and unreleased tracks.

Also, after I finished my viewing of the featurettes discs, I missed in the post-production section a documentary about the composition of the soundtrack. But I think it should be a whole dvd, maybe a special Vangelis cd+dvd edition with interviews to Vangelis, Don Percival, Demis Roussos, Peter Skellern, Friedrick Rousseau, Mary Hopkin, Philippe Colonna, Andrew Hoy and John Martin (and some friends or relatives of Dick Morrisey)
But I know it's just an UTOPIA of this DYSTOPIA.
Many many thanks again to Charles de Lauzirika for all this astounding work!


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Post Wed Dec 12, 2007 11:38 am

Its a shame to learn that they wont at long last release the full-length version of the Snake-pit/ Taffey's Bar trance-techno track with vocals by Roussos.

Like so many other elements in BR, that one piece was decades before its time. Today a lot of trance music has a world-fusion sound. This would fit on any trance-ambient mix cd that was released today. Such a shame that we wont be able to hear it in its entirety yet again...
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