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Post Fri Dec 14, 2007 1:59 pm

deepysea wrote:My projector has various settings--video, computer, RGB, etc--and its color balance works just fine for the other 300+ DVDs in my collection.

I already know what Charles wrote, deleted. I didn't just click on a website and gasp, "Oh my God--it's green!" I'm a consultant for a major DVD label in the UK, and I have researched this subject a lot; for years I have spent quite a bit of time comparing the same titles across regions to judge the best transfer--there's a real art to getting the transfer right, regardless of the quality of the source. I'm not speaking out of my ass, here.

Never said you were sir. I saw you posting about green, so I posted something I felt was relevant to green.

Nothing more.
[In reference to A Good Year] "So anyway, fuck 'em. It was a good film."
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Does anyone know why the image galleries where not included. Not having enough room just dosen't sound like the reason. The Alien set was just as packed on the secound disc and the had hundreds to thousands of image files and even scripts and other stuff. They sould have put them on the 5th disc. Still galleries I must admit are one of my favorite extras. I hope Charles can shed some light on this. Thanks fantastic set right up there will the Alien Quad set. And I don't blame you Charles for not posting on hometheaterforum.com some real jerks over there sometimes.

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