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Final Cut, Zeigfeld, NYC

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Final Cut, Zeigfeld, NYC

I just saw the FC last night at the gorgeous Ziegfeld on 54th street in NYC between 7th and 6th avenues. It was interesting for several reasons. First i believe when the FC first arrived in New York it played on 54th street for not very many shows then was gone. Actually it had moved to the AMC 25 on 42nd street. I thought I had missed my chance. My work schedule was not jiving with the movie times. Anyway at the moment I'm not working because of the Broadway stagehands strike. So plenty of free time...

But when i looked yesterday at the choices at AMC 25, Blade
Runner was not among them, so i seached the title and damn if it wasn't on for 11:45pm at the Zeigfeld which actually I could have made even if I was working. So I met my son, at 11:10 at 51st and 9th and we book it on over there. I was a little worried that we might not get a seat. Ha. As we approached the theatre they had the big marquee up for Bee Movie! And there is not a sould to be seen hanging around the theatre. there is not even a regular size flyer or anything announcing the BR screening at 11:45 so we ask the girl at the box office and she says yeah, 11:45, Blade Runner. In this huge house there are maybe thirty people. Wow. We move down to about row five. Yeah, close.

the movie is beautiful. Detail like I've never seen. The flame in the eyeball soars like a skyscraper. All the backround is alive with sound and action. The faces and hair styles and fashion bug out and bring one into the 'night city.' And i love the advertisements on the blimps or whatever they are especially the Asian woman smoking and or taking that pill. Yum, i would like one of them.

Brion James is even more menacing and the entire kinetic, hectic city jumps at me and is a place I would dig getting a bowl of noodles. Hauer is sheer genius. Did everybody notice how the texture of William Sanderson's skin just seemed to jump off the screen? Pris was really doing something when she cuddles up with him. Oh and as has been mentioned how about when she pulls Deckerd's nose. That hurt.

I loved it but there are two items that still bug me. The first and most important is the removal of the narration. The tone of that first speech and then later as Ford explains about the city speak and whatever the hell he is talking about pulls me in even further! It's a mood. As far as I'm concerned it's a tradition of noir filmmaking! it deserves to be there. Damn the critics who all thought this was a major improvement to remove that and I guess Ridley Scott too. Here, in my opinion, he made a mistake. I want the narration back. Of couse I can always look at the original theatrical release I guess but i won't be able to see that at the Zeigfeld theatre.

The other thing and it's simply a lust factor thing is that if you are going to add some more footage then for god's sake give us some more Rachel!
She is always so covered up. Isn't there a scene stored away somewhere where she reveals a little more of that amazing replicant skin? "Skin jobs," they say, well then give me some.


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Post Sun Nov 18, 2007 4:43 am

First, glad you enjoyed it. The Ziegfield was where I saw it too, and it was amazing.

Second...well, I'm not getting into another debate about the narration.

But as for having a hard-on for Sean Young, there is more footage of Deckard and Rachel in the "love scene" that will be in the deleted scenes. There is a still of Ford unbuttoning her shirt, and Scott has described this longer version as "rough".

You'll be happy with the DVDs in December.

Oh, and welcome to BladeZone.
[In reference to A Good Year] "So anyway, fuck 'em. It was a good film."
-Ridley Scott


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Post Sun Nov 18, 2007 11:36 am

Damn I thought the Zeigfeld shows were done with... I saw the first afternoon show when it opened there. I hope they keep it as a midnight show for weeks, that would be very cool. But I still do not understand why the FC has had borderline zero advertising, especially here in NYC.

I also agree, the narration worked as a noir element... and both Ridley and Harrison have since stated very clearly they did want narration (just not the way it was written in the 1982 release) and looked to Apocalypse Now as inspiration. Unfortunately Bud Yorkin's flunky wrote the voice-over, and since Harrison at that point was fed up and wasn't being consulted as to what was being written or how to read it, he just phoned it in. Even then I still like the "who knows how long we'd have together" line, it was rather poignant given the info you get on her having no incept date... I can forgive a sunshiney car commercial ending with prose like that. I think Ridders chickened out at re-doing the narration... he could have easily had Peoples or Fancher write new narration if had wanted. But he played it safe (although probably wisely) and simply made a very cleaned up Director's Cut.

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