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Finally saw it at the Astor

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Post Sat Nov 17, 2007 9:42 am

Finally saw it at the Astor

Just had to give my thoughts on the Final Cut.

I went to the Sat 17th 8pm Screening at The Astor in Melbourne, Australia.

I rocked up early and the place had our typical cheap/nasty looking poster for the Final cut DVD instead of the nice Final cut one sheet we get something that looked like it was done in photoshop real quick-so i did not bother to try and get one

they even brought out the horrible purple/green original aussie BR posters-.

While waiting I saw the rep from Sony (There to plug the 4k digital projector I belive) meet some guy and I swear I heard him say he was from Digitalbits-that dvd website? Nice site anyway...

Ok got centre Balcony seat (the astor is one of the old style cinemas) the Sony title came up and than the trailer for some disney cgi talking car movie.....

Than the Movie-

Yep it has to be seen this way

The clarity/the colours and in my opinion minor changes all make it better than before-I loved old bladerunner but those cables on the spinners annoyed me-their removal alone was fantastic.

Some scenes were so fresh with new clarity of image for example the texture on leons waste disposal outfit just jumped out at me. The "Replicant eye" glow was nicely touched up i belive.

Lots of new background sound like cityspeak etc can now clearly be heard.

For me the whole Dekard/Pris fight was just amplified by the the addition of her grabbing his nostrils wow.

Oh I now see what Rutger is on about with Batty saying"Kinship" as he grabs deckard I clearly heard that word.

I will try and avoid covering what has been said before -but I felt this is worthy of being the final cut.

I heard a rumour that at the opening day/night session apparently the Sony guy spoke and showed some of the deleted scenes-hmmm any aussies confirm that?

One other good thing was to see so many people seeing BR-

I'm going again.
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Post Mon Nov 19, 2007 4:38 am

thanks for your review! interesting detail on Leon's outfit! that speaks a lot about the digital scan work! great job Charles! :D

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