Post Sat Nov 03, 2007 7:09 pm

Greetings from sunny (and chilly) Santa Barbara...

Celebrating my birthday with my buds. Saw BR:FC at the awesome Arlington Theatre in Downtown SB...this was a better presentation than at The Landmark, believe it or not. Didn't miss the extra pixels if it was only a 2K presentation, but I could swear it was 4K. Does Kodak make a 4K projection system? About a year old? If it was 2K it was damn good 2K. The sound system kicked all kinds of @$$ over the sound system at The Landmark. Landmark Theatres should hang their heads in shame...they've been outclassed.

BTW I was wrong about eyeglow with Gaff...he has those weird "dead fish" eyes from the contacts but no glows. He's human.

Just wanted to liveblog a bit...I'll go into other details later.

Here's some bits about the venue:

It's going to be moving to the Metro 4 after the weekend...on film instead of digital. Anyone within the sound of my typing should try to see it tonight or tomorrow because it won't be the same.

Hang loose, dudes & dudettes...
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