Post Sat Aug 18, 2007 2:14 am

Blade Runner preview on the DVD "Fracture"...funny

Was a really fun couple of minutes. Scott and the main cast all had a few words about the process. Even Harrison Ford showed up for a couple seconds. What he said was hilarious. I think he still has a bug up his arse about this movie. :D

The movie "Fracture" was one that I just happen to see in the video store. It starred Anthony Hopkins so I had to rent it. Never expected a Blade Runner preview on it.
Anyway, thought I would share this tidbit about a preview of "The Final Cut".
Wish I could share about the movie Fracture but I havent seen it yet but I know with the actors in it it should be worth the cost of renting. Def worth the cost for this preview. First one I have seen so it was a little exciting.
Got my Briefcase pre-ordered at Amazon for US $54.99 and the 2-disc special edition for $14.49 Not bad I think. And if the price drops before release date we get the lower price. If it goes up we're safe from any increase.
Merry 12/18/07 !!!
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