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5-disc set #14 on Amazon

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Post Tue Sep 04, 2007 2:35 am

The "Analog Killer" HD sets are just now appearing. They are invariably LCD based. You can get widescreen LCD monitors for the same price 15" 1024 x 768 pixel LCDs were going for back about 5 years or so ago. Adding a tuner to a computer monitor is an easy/cheap thing for a manufacturer. Just a few extra parts. Stereo speakers? Even easier/cheaper. When you can walk into Beast Buy and get a decent LCD HD TV for $199.99 the adoption rate will skyrocket.

What I want to see before I take the plunge is widespread use of LED backlights. The weakest link in an LCD screen (except for stuck pixels) is the backlight. The fluorescent and EL types tend to burn out in a few years. The LED screen itself is fine, but without the backlight you are basically dead in the water. LEDs have ridiculously long mean times before failure. An LED-backlit LCD TV will last perhaps until the next time we switch TV systems in the US. How long did Not Twice Same Color last? Since 1955 or something?

However, I think that this will probably not have much effect on uptake of HD media. I think most people are thinking that they want to see the rival formats shake out, or perhaps dual-format players, before taking the plunge.

We are lucky this time around in that the basic form factor of media has not changed. It's still the same little polycarbonate disc, just with different coatings and substrata. It's not like Beta vs. VHS vs. LaserDisc vs. SelectaVision where the media was wildly different per player.

Some Chinese company is going to build a cheap player that can handle both HD media, and when that happens people will beat a path to their door. Remember how Apex had ownage of cheap DVD players and forced the majors to lower their prices precipitously as a result? When this problem gets solved by the master reverse-engineers of the Middle Kingdom, the whole format war thing will become as irrelevant as DVD-R/RW vs. DVD+R/RW. The format that wins will be the format the "Killer Titles" come out on. And since many of the "Killer Titles" are being struck in both formats, it might be a wash even then.
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Post Tue Sep 04, 2007 1:10 pm

ridleynoir wrote:The non-briefcase five disc HD-DVD and Blue-ray sets do not contain the same material as the Deluxe Briefcase sets. They contain the same material as the 4 Disc DVD sets, they just need 5 discs to fit the HD version of the material on them. At least that is what it looks like to me.

ALL the five disc sets have the same disc material across the board.
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