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Walk of Fame omissions...Ridley, Hannah, Hauer!

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Who should get a star on the Walk Of Fame first?

Ridley Scott
Daryl Hannah
No votes
Rutger Hauer
Total votes : 7


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Post Tue Jun 09, 2009 12:20 pm

Walk of Fame omissions...Ridley, Hannah, Hauer!

The Hollywood Walk of Fame contains a lot of questionable entries, but is missing some shocking entries. Deckard, aka Harrison Ford is there:
Harrison Ford Motion pictures 6801 Hollywood Blvd.

Gaff, aka Edward James Olmos, is also there...
Edward James Olmos Motion pictures 7021 Hollywood Blvd.

Even Alan Ladd, Jr., the producer, is there.
Alan Ladd, Jr. Motion pictures 7018 Hollywood Blvd.

However, there are glaring omissions. For example, where the frakk is Ridley Freaking Scott? No entry. Cowboy movie star Randolph Scott is there, but no Ridley. One of the greatest modern directors gets no love from the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. Daryl Hannah, whose career has been stellar for decades, is not represented. Nor is the actor who had the real tour-de-force performance in BR, Rutger Hauer. And of course, people like William Sanderson, Brion James, Joseph Turkel, James Hong and Joanna Cassidy, in spite of their strong record as character actors, are not represented.

And considering everything that Sean Young has done, it is prolly not bloody likely she'll be honored. We love her, of course. But alas, she's...complicated.

I looked all this up because I'm going to be taking some pictures of my mini-Pris and mini-Roy in BR shooting locations throughout LA. I wanted to pose them on Daryl Hannah's star and/or Rutger Hauer's star. However, they have yet to be honored. Warner Bros. drops the ball. Again. This should have been done when the Final Cut came out. I still can't get over the fact that Ridley Scott hasn't been honored yet...that's the REAL shocker.
Yes, I really live in Los Angeles. Srsly. And yeah, life really does imitate art here. Especially now we've got those video billboards. No spinners yet. But I suppose that's next.


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Post Wed Jun 10, 2009 6:38 am

All of them...I can't select all of them?
[In reference to A Good Year] "So anyway, fuck 'em. It was a good film."
-Ridley Scott


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Post Sun Jun 14, 2009 4:34 pm

hauer def.


-Ayrton Senna-

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