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What animal is each character?

PostPosted: Thu May 21, 2009 8:40 am
by Feyhra
I'm sure everyone has seen the list that's out there..

Roy - Wolf
Pris - Racoon
Leon - Turtle
Zhora - Snake
Rachael - Spider
Deckard - Fish/Unicorn

But if Deckard is human then everything points to Rachael being the unicorn, doesn't it? So what does that make Deckard? I don't see him a a cold fish, myself.. That was probably just his ex wife projecting. He wasn't at all 'cold' with Rachael, was he? Well, maybe at first, but it didn't exactly take him long to warm up..

Zhora, as snake? Maybe. That glitter she was wearing is reminiscent of snake scales. And she has the tattoo. She seems a little too warmed blooded perhaps, but the connection is pretty strong there.

A lot of the VK questions contain references to animals - Wasp, Oysters, Dog, Turtle, Calf, Butterfly.. Were any of these designed to trigger a specific response with known replicant brain implants? Just a thought..

Pris paints herself up like a Raccoon, but I've always gotten more of a cat vibe from her. Sure, she buried herself in the trash, but cats aren't exactly unknown for similar behavior, are they? But perhaps I'm just picking up on a strong feral animal vibe from her that could be any number of animals? Being a limey I'm more familiar with cats so I might be biased here.. The facepaint IS a pretty strong hint, I suppose.

The whole thing smacks of trying to make a nice neat system of correspondences, make everything fit into it's place(down that road lies a Blade Runner tarot deck!). But I'm not sure it's really supposed to..

I see Deckard as more wolflike himself. He doggedly tracks his suspects and there does seem to be some kind of connection between him and Roy, but of course that's leading into the 'they are both replicant brothers', territory..