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Positives AND nega.concerning the final cut- your experiance

PostPosted: Mon Mar 17, 2008 5:13 pm
by protectadeck
I have a liking for the final cut and the somewhat greenish glow you see from time to time isn't bad really and adds a little twist I think.. Maybe it's the green light that beckons you to follow the dream ,the escape at the end ,the life that follows the what was or what will become the past. The Blade Runner movie comes alive with meaning to the attentive viewer and is no longer only a movie like Rachael becomes more than a "skin job" assignment to deckard ,a person he loves. Deckard says in the marvel comic book that he had never seen someone so alive as Rachael. Green can also signify new life. R. and D. could have traveled up north to begin this new life. (refer to Interna. version) (postive)/When deckard and gaff are about to land, you can see an over view of the city lights behind the tyrell structure. that you didn't see in the inter. ver.--(a plus also) Here's the bad news.. I noticed that the final c. was rather a darker picture in the brightness setting than the intern. version ., did you :?: Compare the final cut trailer ,(yea, that trailer) as well as the intern. version movie to the final cut movie . :arrow: the scene where they meet ....."I'm Rachael"...."Deckard". Notice how rachael's lighiting is better and deckards shirt around his neck is more detailed on the intern. version. what happened?.. Did they go for a darker picture in the final cut movie ? this was (negative) to me for sure! anyone experience the same :?: That there I saw shouldn't been final ,I tell you that . I think also like someone else suggested that those 2 shots, in the final cut trailer, of rach and deck possibly were taken from the intern. version movie or dir. cut instead of the final cut movie because they had better lighting. Has anyone seen what I'm talking about?