Post Sat Feb 16, 2008 3:12 pm

An important update on my new goof. Please read.

I think I have found a third explanation on why there is material on Roy’s left hand. Here are the two explanations that we have already:

1. The material on Roy’s hand is from the general dirtiness in the building/J.F. Sebastian’s apartment.

2. The material on Roy’s hand is from Roy smashing his hand through the wall.

The third explanation comes in when one takes a close look at Roy’s hand as he is reaching down to touch Pris (this is when he kneels down next to Pris for the first time). If you look closely you will see a bit of blood on the edge of Roy’s hand. I believe that the blood is from Pris. It is a possibility that Roy had reached down (scene not in movie mind you) and picked up Pris’s body and this is how he got Pris’s blood on his hand.

If you watch the scene it is difficult to see the blood. I guess for effect Ridley Scott, the director, had Roy’s hand go in and out of shadow. This makes it difficult to see the blood on the edge of Roy’s hand. In my first topic about this goof, jfuste was kind enough to show us some caps of Roy’s hand. The bottom picture shows us a bit of the blood next to the white spot. Because of the darkness of the cap I cannot tell for sure if this is blood (I took the movie –the two disc The Final Cut version of Blade Runner- back to the movie rental place so I cannot check to see if this is blood). In any event, when the hand is in the light one can see the blood without much of a problem.

It would be great if jfuste would take a cap(s) with Roy’s hand in the light. This would make it possible for people to see the blood on Roy’s hand.

I believe that the blood on the hand makes me think that this is the better explanation (using Ockam’s razor principle) vs. the hand/wall vs. dirt explanations. Now, I am assuming two things here:

1. The blood on the hand is Pris’s blood and not Roy’s blood. Because the way scenes are shoot out of sequence there is a slight possibility the blood could be Roy’s blood from the hand/wall scene.

2. The material on Roy’s hand came from the material that was on the floor where Pris was lying. This material looks like the same material that is on Deckard’s coat. Deckard gets the floor material on his coat when he reaches for his gun so he can shoot Pris. Again, the material on Roy’s hand could be wall material, but the blood (see #1. above) makes this unlikely.

I believe that hand/blood/floor material scene is a goof. We do not see Roy reaching down to pick-up Pris’s body. We do see Roy’s hand coming in from the top right corner and not coming up from the bottom. To me this is a goof.

Again, tell me what you think - a goof or no goof.

Thank you.