Post Sat Mar 03, 2007 4:13 pm

A blade runner inspired evening // Toronto, Canada

for anyone in the Toronto area, i thought you'd be interested in this blade runner inspired event that i've helped put together...

Brite-Nite ||Ulltra Sensory Events

Join other genetically manufactured humanoids for this shadowy night of visual and auditory exploration. We've brought together three Digital visual artists (Mixmotion, Videocake, VJ Nokami) along with DJ (Tom Kuo) for an evening of rich multi-layered visuals, celebrating both on and off-world Dystopia. Where smooth flow meets jagged edges, including abstract images and video themes of futuristic decay versus a retrofitted future, all in an atmosphere of uncertainty.

Evening Drink special: the Nexus 6 Shooter
Staff will be fluent in both Cityspeak and english
Sponsored in part by the Tyrell Corporation.

Sat March 24 - Resistor Gallery - 284e College Street - 9:00 PM - 12:00 AM


Shawn Pucknell