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Wil Wheaton is at it again. Check out his latest blog post:

"I have an audition this afternoon to host a Sci-Fi show, and one of the things they're asking us to do is conduct a mock interview with Edward James Olmos.

If I book this show, I'll solicit questions from WWdN readers for the interesting guests whenever I can, so, without revealing any spoilers (I'm only on episode 5 of season 2.0), if you could ask him anything about Battlestar Galactica, what would it be?

To be clear: I'm not actually going to talk with him. It will probably be a casting assistant, but they will want to see that I understand my subject, know how to move an interview along and react to the subject's natural ebb and flow, and make with the occasional funny. I'm also pretty sure that I'm in a very unique position, with the ability to connect with WWdN readers and take a consensus question (does that make sense?) back to the interviews.

I think I'll ask him the most controversial question I can come up with: Is Deckard a Replicant?

He won't answer, but then again, who does?

Update: Thanks for your questions and discussion. For me, personally, I want to know about the father aspects of Adama and find out if it's intentional that that thread of nurturing and inspiration runs through all of the great characters he's played over the years (I suspect it is.) I also want to know how he's dealing with being the new Picard/Kirk/Sisko/Malcolm character, and if he would speak at conventions, and get involved in all that fandom stuff that we all love so much.

I think I'll present the WWdN consensus as: "Do you feel vindicated that your BSG is widely seen as the best SF series ever, especially since you advised original series fans (who were highly critical before the miniseries even aired) not to watch? Does it feel as cool to be a part of this as we all think it is?" I'll mix in some comments about how there are TNG parallels, and then I'll ask him if he'd like to grab a Flaming Moe after he show.

Well, I'm off now, so wish me broken legs! "

BAHAHAHA!!!! I couldnt help it, I had to post here. There's some pretty ignorant posts if you check out the comments that have been made to that post. Some people seriously need some guidance.
"Don't be a dick!" -Wil Wheaton