Stephen Parsick - Hoellenengel

"Not every angel is a godsend"


"Hoellenengel" is Stephen Parsick`s second solo album after the acclaimed debut "traces of the past" from 1988. His first album saw Parsick exploring the realms of groups and artists like TANGERINE DREAM, KLAUS SCHULZE, and ASHRA who were most influential for him at that time. With "hoellenegel" Parsick - who was born in Moers/Germany in 1972, set out to cover new grounds Stylistically

"What would it sound like if greek composer VANGELIS and English sound designer Brian Williams aka LUSTMORD were to create a sequel to the original soundtrack Vangelis composed for Ridley Scott`s movie BLADE RUNNER in 1982?" Parsick asked himself this very question and attempted to answer it satisfactorily. Like many others, Stephen always missed an official release of the full Blade Runner score badly after watching the movie for the first time in 1989. Even though Parsick strives for a similar mood and setting of his music, he approaches his own music from a slightly different angle and created a story of its own around the "Hell's Angels": "Angels are being presented as some romanticized, divine creature, always on the kitsch border' Parsick explains "but people tend to forget that there are angels which aren't heaven-sent, that won't assist and protect you but who will turn your own little world upside down."

There's a good reason why the sounds and textures found on "Hoellenengel" are strongly reminiscent of Vangelis' Blade Runner score: during the recording process of the album - which took four years from November 2000 to November 2004 - Parsick used basically the same sort of equipment Vangelis had at his disposal when he recorded the score. The music on "Hoellenengel" was created entirely without computers, multi-track recorders, sequencers, MIDI interfaces or overdubs. All tracks were recorded straight to DAT during hours and hours of sessions. The pile of material was then edited, mixed and produced at Stephen's own small studio between October 2004 and May 2005.

Musically, Parsick not only quotes influences from contemporary electronic music but also
from medieval and oriental music, like e. g. a Saltarello from medieval Naples or improvisations based on Arabic scales and electronic timbres inspired by Eastern instruments.

The cover artwork was designed by Joerg Bennert, a graphics designer and painter from Neuss, who Parsick got to know during his studies of English and history of art at Bochum University.

Stephen Parsick studied media and communication, musicology, history of art, and English and American literature at Bochum University. During his student days he began to intensify his musical activities. He not only joined Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock's bands COSMIC HOFFMANN and MIND OVER MATTER as a congenious partner but also joined forces with Mark Shreeve of REDSHIFT, formerly songwriter for Samantha Fox and author of her unforgettable smash hit "Touch Me". Furthermore, Parsick sporadically collaborates with former Robert Fripp student Markus Reuter. The most important part of his creative activities, however, is his own band ['ramp] which was founded together with Frank Makowski in 1996. With ['ramp], Parsick successfully released several CDs and went on tour internationally. Also, they introduced their own genre with the term "doombient".

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